Foreign Investment in Iran

Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Act (FIPPA) was enacted and came into force in 2001 with the purpose of further enhancement of the legal framework and encouragement and protection of foreign investment in Iran.

ILO has been involved in several foreign investments and with high level experience in this regard and could obtain FIPPA licenses for reputable foreign investors through Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI).


Privatization in Iran as a new topic of debates has already been underway in very small scale in some sectors and industries. Due to complexity of legal system, the key issue for foreign investors in this course is the help and contribution of a qualified legal team to draw the case to the conclusion, and to make transparent the process and requirements.

Tehran Stock Exchange

According to the legal structure designed for the privatization process, TSE is the main gate for the operations and developments of privatization, and transactions on the sectors and industries will be carried out in TSE while ILO deems it an integrated part of its operations to provide services and legal advice on TSE transactions to its clients.

IT & Telecom

IT & Telecom is a highly demanding sector in Iran. ILO has been actively involved in IT & Telecom projects, specially during the course of the State 3rd & 4th Development Plans; as a matter of reforming the economic structure of the country, this sector is on the course of privatization and any activity in this field requires to be equipped with a high experienced legal team.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas sector is the most attractive sector in Iran. Apart from the importance of oil industry, gas and its related LPG, LNG and CNG industries indicate a highly demanding and huge investment absorbing sector in Iran.

The gigantic and very well-known oil industry clients of ILO are vital and ongoing testimonials on the ILO’s well-educated, professional, efficient and experienced members of oil industry legal team.


The mine sector is the other brilliant invest hosting sector in Iran. Every place and corner of the large country is endowed with god given gifts and resources of every kind. The relatively privileged and sometimes astounding factors of this sector make it a good option to work on and to make investment.

ILO has been involved in several investment cases and projects concerning the mines sector. It could help and assist the foreign investors for removing and remedying the difficulties on this way by its distinguished legal teams.

Banks and Financial Institutions

The banks and financial institutions are the other area which would follow different regulations and procedure due to their monetary and Central Bank policies. When the privatization idea found its way to the State Development Plans, the laws and regulations were becoming somehow relaxed. The intention was to let the foreign, private and international banks to start their work in Iran.

Banking in Iran, due to quick changes of monetary policy, will definitely require a high standing legal consultant team that is reachable through ILO with a reference to international banks among ILO’s clients.

Free Zones

Free Trade & Industrial Zones as well as Special Economic Zones offer quite a good series of privileges and attractive facilitation in Iran. Laws and regulations are more transparently applied and executed in Free Zones. Some of the zones have played the role as pilot of the projects on larger scale in the Mainland and have been quite successful in offering attractive opportunities both in Free Zones and Mainland.

ILO in association with law offices and lawyers in Free Zones could form a chain of legal service providers in the Free Zones in the south and north of Iran.