Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC)

Message of a ‘New Start’
After more than thirty years of working as an international law office, our hope for a paradigm shift in the economic environment of Iran encourages and entices us to experience a new start by providing the public and our selected clients with bi-weekly, bi-monthly and yearly News & Analysis about the legal developments that are taking place in Iran. Our objective is to help our readers to keep themselves abreast of these developments and to remain aware of all the opportunities that are and will become available to them in the Iranian market.

Subjects to be covered
Our office has been active in vast panoply of legal activities during the last 30 years. We will take stock of this experience to share with those who are interested in the rapid developments of the Iranian legal market a steady, comprehensive and expertise-based flow of information covering investment, export-import, banking, insurance, customs, intellectual property, new technologies, transport, and any other subject that may draw attention of firms and companies that are interested in vast natural and human resources of Iran.