Biosimilars and Protection of Their Ownership, 20th Bi-Weekly N & A (January 22, 2015)It is reported on the website of

Signature of the first technology transfer contract in the field of biopharmaceutical production between Iran and Turkey with presence of Iran food and drug organization president.

For the first time, CinnaGen pharmaceutical company as the leading biopharmaceutical producer in Iran and the Middle East has managed to transfer the production technology of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) medicine known as ReciGen® from Iran to Turkey.

 According to this contract, ReciGen® will be produced through the transferring process under the license of CinnaGen company with the help of specialist and researchers.

This contract is a great change in Iranian pharmaceutical industry landscape, as previously, Iranian pharmaceutical companies were license followers and this time an Iranian company is considered as the licensor and technology holder.

The technology receiver is the oldest and the biggest Turkish pharmaceutical company known as Abdi Ibrahim.

Abdi Ibrahim is famous for 100 years of activities in field of pharmaceutical research and production with 3500 employees and more than 370 pharmaceutical products in Turkey.

The above news may be considered a significant development in producing biosimilars in Iran that calls for detailed analysis. First part of our report, therefore, focuses on regulatory definitions of biopharmaceuticals. Then, we will look at the problems of patenting biosimilars. The third part of report will cover the process of patenting biosimilars and the report will come to an end with a brief analysis on registration of biosimilars in the EU, the US and Iran.