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Tobacco Industry in Iran

Like in many other industrial areas, the policy of Iranian government in tobacco industry revolves around encouragement of local production. This policy is more pronounced in tobacco industry because during the recent years a considerable amount of tax revenues have been lost due to smuggling.  On the other hand, Iranian cigarette production was not able to compete with the international moguls of the industry. Due to the fact that consumers preferred well-known international brands, importation (both legal and illegal) of cigarettes was in high demand. This led to a crippling of the cigarette industry and also a huge loss of tax and monopoly incomes for the government.

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Work Permit of Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals shall be employed to work in Iran if they have work permit in accordance with the Labor Law of Iran and in conformity with Social Security Organization “SSO” regulations.

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The Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration from the Delocalisation Theory

The Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration from the Delocalisation TheoryThis report will focus on the principles of party autonomy as the proper base of the delocalisation realm. It will also argue that the only legal constraint of party autonomy might be known as the public policy.

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Applicable Income Tax to Foreign Legal Entities Residing Abroad under Iranian Law

It is no secret that one of the first things a foreign investor considers when deciding to enter a new market is the taxation regime.

Iran’s taxation regulations have been defined in the Direct Taxation Act (the “Act”) which was revised on 22 July 2015 by the parliament (implemented from 20 March 2016) introducing new provisions regarding the applicable income tax for foreign real and legal persons.

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Aviation Case Study in the Iranian Court

In the case Mr. X vs. Aviation Company (Tehran Branch office) in 2014, the Plaintiff in his petition to the First Instance Court of Iran claimed the amount of … (confidential) as compensation for his luggage loss in 2007 alleging to be due to the Defendant’s negligence.

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E-Business and Start-Ups in Iran

Like almost everywhere in the developed and developing world, internet based start-ups are mushrooming in Iran. The services offered through virtual sphere and mobile applications range from online shopping stores to online food deliveries, e-bakeries, taxi and transportation applications, online bookstores and libraries, laundry applications, courier applications, e-ticketing for cinemas, theater performances, music concerts, etc.

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A Perspective of Solar Energy Investment in Iran

“In the name of Allah”

Undeniable benefits of renewable energies for mankind as well as environment is no longer overcast for the states. As an emerging sector of international industry and investment in Iran which has casted a rapid development particularly in the recent years, renewable energy has become one of the most appealing scopes to foreign investors in a sense that over 3 Billion Dollar investment in the renewable energy sector has been requested by the foreign investors until January 2017 according to the Energy Minister of Iran which has also been registered in the Foreign Investment Deputy of Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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Free Trade Zones and Special Economic Zones in Iran

Free Trade Zones:

According to article 1 of The Law on the Administration of Free Trade – Industrial Zones of Islamic Republic of Iran”(LAFTIZ)” the government is authorized to administer the following zones as the Free Trade-Industrial Zones in accordance with ” LAFTIZ” and the other legal principles in order to accelerate the accomplishment of infrastructures, development, economic progress, investment, increase of public income, creation of productive employment, regulating of goods and labor market, to be actively present in regional and world market and to produce and to export the industrial and processing goods as well as rendering public services.

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Rise of Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

In September 2016, the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran ratified[1] the Act of Membership of Islamic Republic of Iran in the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a Multinational Development which is governed under China’s leadership.

Fifty-seven founding members have signed the Articles of Agreement since it was opened for signature on June 29, 2015. Remaining Signatories that have not yet deposited their instruments of ratification but they are expected to do so shortly and become members thereafter.[2] The Articles were signed in English, Chinese and French texts, which are equally authentic and consists of 60 Articles.