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A few Specific points regarding Iranian Employment Law

Employment in the majority of Iranian private sector is regulated by the Iranian Labor Code (1990) and its relevant by-laws, executive orders, and judicial and administrative interpretations. The ratification of this code and its subsequent evolutions has been the product of influences by different stakeholders including representatives of both employees and employers; therefore the protection it provides is not uniform.

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Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC)

As far as in Iran oil was the most crucial source of government’s’ revenue in the past 100 years, understanding Iranian petroleum regulations and business environment cannot be achieved without knowing the history of Oil and Gas contracts in Iran.

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Foreign Investment in the Field of Renewable Energy

Iran is one of the most famous countries in the region having resources of renewable energy.

As one of the nearly 200 countries signed the 2015 Paris climate deal that calls for cutting emissions, renewable energy is a major tool  for Iran to reduce impact on the environment as it reduces the use of fossil fuels and save water. This sector is able to attract some considerable foreign investments.

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The Rise of Cryptocurrency in Iran

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of a currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Bitcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency now provides an outlet for personal wealth that is beyond any type of restriction and confiscation.

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A trip to Iran

This year we had the pleasure of having a bright young British intern in our Law Office for about a period of one month. John Macleod a student of Middle Eastern Studies in Cambridge University who speaks Farsi in such a way that you cannot believe your ears has shared with us his experience of living in Iran for five months. Below, you can read this short memoir in his own words:

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Competition Regulations under Iranian Legal System

The rather recent complaint raised against Iran Central Bar Association by some of the law graduates before the Competition Council made us have a look at competition regulations in Iran’s legal system. The relevant graduates have objected the capacity limitation set for being admitted in the bar exams alleging that setting a capacity limitation as opposed to having a criteria based exam is contrary to the applicable competition regulations.

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Product-packaging protection under ”Trademark

Nowadays, customers are exposing to thousands of similar products together with variety of advertisements. A creative and distinguished product-packaging would definitely attract more customer’s attention and therefore bring about more income and popularity to a company among its peers.

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Tobacco Industry in Iran

Like in many other industrial areas, the policy of Iranian government in tobacco industry revolves around encouragement of local production. This policy is more pronounced in tobacco industry because during the recent years a considerable amount of tax revenues have been lost due to smuggling.  On the other hand, Iranian cigarette production was not able to compete with the international moguls of the industry. Due to the fact that consumers preferred well-known international brands, importation (both legal and illegal) of cigarettes was in high demand. This led to a crippling of the cigarette industry and also a huge loss of tax and monopoly incomes for the government.

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Work Permit of Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals shall be employed to work in Iran if they have work permit in accordance with the Labor Law of Iran and in conformity with Social Security Organization “SSO” regulations.

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A New Start

After more than thirty years of working as an international law office, our hope for a paradigm shift in the economic environment of Iran encourages and entices us to experience a new start by providing the public and our selected clients with bi-weekly, bi-monthly and yearly News & Analysis about the legal developments that are taking place in Iran. Our objective is to help our readers to keep themselves abreast of these developments and to remain aware of all the opportunities that are and will become available to them in the Iranian market.